Steinbock Riesling

Martin Foradori Hofstätter’s passion for Riesling gives rise to this wine which is characterized by expressive minerality and elegant structure.

Tasting notes

Brilliant straw yellow colour. Offers typical pineapple and citrus aromas with the classic minerality derived from slate. Soft and refreshing on the palate.

This Riesling is a wine with striking minerality and an elegant body.


A perfect white wine with fish dishes, salads, starters and sushi.

The Moselle

The Moselle River rises from the Vosges Mountains and meanders a total of 314 km through northeast France. Near Trier it marks the border between Germany and Luxembourg and in Koblenz it finally flows into the Rhine.

The Mosel (Moselle) and its tributaries Saar and Ruwer are world renowned for their wines. The most important grape variety of the region is Riesling and there is no place it thrives better than in these exceedingly steep slate vineyards.

The Riesling Steinbock reflects the typical characteristics of the region’s terroir and is a superb choice for approaching this unique grape variety.